AoM Weekend Tourney I – Rules and Registration

. Date
June 29, June 30 and July 1
. Host/Referee
Sadness (account ID: 583692)
. Place
. Participants
16 players

1. Game Version : Age of Mythology 1.10 version

2. General
(a) Competition Method: Supremacy 1 vs. 1 – Best of 3 matches
(b) Match Length: Until winner is determined
(c) Match Winner
1) The player who completely destroys the opponent or if the opponent surrenders
2) If the match length is complete without an outright winner, the player with the highest score up to that point
(d) At the end of each match, players must send the record game  to this EMAIL and contact the referee on GameRanger (Sadness – account ID: 583692)
3) Players are NOT allowed to change nickname during the tourney.

3. Game Settings
(a) Map Random Map
(b) God Selection : Free Choice (except random god)
(c) Map Size : Normal
(d) Game Type: Normal
(e) Handicap: None
(g) Visibility: Normal
(h) Difficulty: Normal
(i) Locked Teams: Check
(j) Allow Cheats: Not Checked
(k) Team Shared Resources: Not Checked
(l) Team Shared Population: Not Checked
(m) Recording: Check
(o) Restrict Number of Pauses: 5 per players

4. Disconnections
(a) Disconnection: Any disconnection of the connection between match players due to System, Network, PC, Power problems/issues
(b) Intentional Disconnection: Upon judgment by the referee, any offending player will be charged with a loss by forfeit
(c) When any disconnection occurs:
1) If disconnection occurs within 10 minutes of start of match: match restart
2) If disconnection occurs after 10 minutes of start of match:
– If both players agree to a match restart, the match will be restarted.
– If both players cannot reach an agreement, the winner will be determined by a referee after the analysis of the match replay file.

5. Penalty for unfair play
(a) Unfair Play
1) Use of any map hack program
2) Intentional disconnection
3) Use of any settings exceeding standard and permitted settings
4) Actions with the intent of disrupiting the game. These include but are not limited to: taunt spamming, name calling etc.
5) Upon discovery of any player committing any violations regarded as unfair play, that player will be disqualified from the tournament.

6. Other
(a) Remember, this is a tourney and everyone will be playing to win, and so should you.
(b) Make sure you read all the rules and agree with them before registering in the tourney.

7. Registration
1) Registration will end on June 28. If you want to participate leave a comment bellow with the follow info.
a) Nickname
b) Account ID (show info > account)
c) Country

Have fun!


20 thoughts on “AoM Weekend Tourney I – Rules and Registration

  1. an AoL_name lol. undecided atm. I usually change it to whatever band i’m listening to at the moment 🙂

  2. btw, in my info i always keep AoL_Iron_maiden as my ‘player real name’ or whatever, so you will know who i am even when i switch up my AoL name 😀

  3. puma

    i have a problem cos i work at the evening.. can i play in afternoon? GMT +1
    i’m not really good maybe to partecipate at this tornament, so for me is just for fun ^^

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